Q: Who was the first man that got you started in the dogs?

A: Oliver Hall and Dr. Finley. (Not Bob Finley, owner of Bo)

Q: You are considered by many to be one of the best when it comes to putting a dog in shape, where did you learn all this?

A: Bert Clouse helped me the most. Also Ham Morris and Leo Kinard, so as you can see I had the best teachers.

Q: Who was the gamest dog that CH Honeybunch ever produced?

A: I feel it was the Charlie dog, brother to Jeep.

Q: Who was the gamest dog you’ve ever seen?

A: The gamest dog I’ve ever seen was Homer.

Q: Who was the best combat dog you’ve ever owned?

A: Once again, Ch. Charlie.

Q: Some people have written to the American Game-dog Times expressing their opinion that Angus could have whipped either Homer or Jeep, what do you think?

A: I do not feel that Angus could have beat either one of them. I do feel that Jeep or Homer would not have had that much trouble beating GR CH Angus.

Q: There have been rumors that Jeep developed gangrene in his lips and roof of the mouth, and died shortly after the fight with Homer; what is your answer to this?

A: None of this is true!

Q: It is known that CH Otis never went over the wall. How would you describe what happened at the Otis/Angus fight? How long did it go?

A: Otis held Angus out for forty minutes; Otis had no ability and no bite. Angus got into the throat and it seemed like Otis blacked out for a few seconds. He then broke loose and ran for the side of the pit, but he didn’t do over the wall.

Q: Who were some of the great Dogmen that you matched into?

A: There were many good men that I matched into. To name a few: JC Rowell, Jim Stinson, Billy Stepp, James Barfield, Baker Davis and Roland Fontenot.

Q: If you were going to teach a newcomer how to school a young dog, without ruining him, what would you say?

A: Wait on them; don’t push them until they are of age.

Q: How do you feel about traveling long distances to match into someone who always stays in his own backyard?

A: In my career in the dogs I did travel, but only a distance I could reach the same day.

Q: Do you think it would take away some of the edge to continue to meet a guy in his own backyard?

A: Yes, I do.

Q: If you did not have any dogs and wanted to get back in the game, which bloodlines would you look up?

A: I am partial to the Rascal/Honeybunch line; I guess because I done so well with them. But I like the dogs that come out of Homer, also the Red Boy crosses have been looking good in the last few years.

Q: You fought against Angus and you fought against Homer, how do you compare the two?

A: Well, first of all they were fighting dogs of a totally different quality. Angus beat a dog of no quality in Otis; while Homer fought a dog of the highest caliber. This match was set up when Jim Stinson called me on the Angus/Otis fight.

Q: Do you believe in steroids?

A: No, I have never used them!

Q: You had a fantastic win record; to what do you attribute this?

A: I started out with good dogs. I got them from Maurice Carver and Irish Jerry. Almost all of them were good.

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of The American Gamedog Times?

A: After the fight with Ch. Jeep against Ch. Homer I spoke with Ralph Greenwood. I told him the gamest dog lost, and to the readers I would say be honest and do what is best for you and your dog.

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