GR CH KID and his results became perhaps even better known than CH SILVER’s.
He is the only dog ever to become Dog of the Year twice in the Balkans, in 2012 and 2013. The only dog to become International Dog of the Year where he got 59% of votes, compared to 25% for the Russian DOY BSK’S GR CH TITUS 5W, and 5% for American DOY FMK’S GR CH TITERE 5XW. Aside from that, he is the only dog in history of the Balkans to beat SDJ’s Dog of the Year.

In his first match KID won against a respected and highly dangerous dog with 2W, who had killed both his previous opponents. Match was contracted at 18kg. During the keep KID got sick and the match was cancelled. A month after recovering the match was rescheduled and KID killed the 2W CEDA in 1h 30min.

After that he was scheduled with GR CH BEKA 6W. In 40 min. GR CH BEKA was picked up to be saved, KID got yet another victory in top competition.

After the victory against BEKA, a challenge came in the face of the supreme CH MRKI, who won his matches with ease in top competition. However, in his match versus KID, CH MRKI also had to be picked up to be saved. In the day of the match for his Championship title against MRKI, it turned out KID was 900 grams overweight, due to an incorrect scale that was used during his conditioning. So from early morning KID had to go through all kinds of exercise to cut the weight. And yet, after the win over CH MRKI, KID was so fresh he could go against another dog the same night.

In 2012 KID became DOY and his owner – FOY.
Then came the challenge from Chico Lopez and his CH LINDO. Another FOY and DOY from the other side of the world. That would be a great match of two top dogs and two top kennels. A match where nobody gave KID any chances considering Chico’s reputation.
CH LINDO was an International Champion, winning all 3 matches in different countries. It was something you watch in movies, Champion against Champion.
Now we had dog of the year from Balkan, CH KID, against SDJ’s dog of the year CH LINDO in a match to decide who is the greatest in the world. It was also two kennels of the year matching each other. CH LINDO was 300 grams heavier than KID and he lasted 35 mins. Chico stopped it to save him, but his dog still died the day after the match. The ring always shows the truth and the truth was: Kid was the best in the world.
With virtually no injuries from his last 3 matches, KID was walked home on his collar and leash, uninjured. After this spectacular win KID became DOY 2013 and International DOY 2013.

He won his Grand Championship title against BA’S BEAVES in 1h 47 minutes, and then defended it for his 6W against SERB’S BUCK in 1h 40 minutes.

His toughest fight was against SERB kennel’s BUCK 2W dog. That dog would have become Grand Champion if he hadn’t faced KID. His pit weight was also almost 1 kg heavier than KID’s. In the match the difference was 600 grams with KID being a little above his pit weight. Whether it was the damage from previous the matches, or the opponent was that good, but BUCK did serious damage to KID and KID was in critical condition for 4 days after his victory. It is believed that this fight was the one that killed him later. He died one and a half year after that match, as his kidneys were never the same.

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