Another story on CH “HONEYBUNCH” ROM

//Another story on CH “HONEYBUNCH” ROM

Another story on CH “HONEYBUNCH” ROM

Crenshaw’s Ch Honeybunch ROM – Over the years there has been many rumours about the true breeding behind Honeybunch, especially as that strain neither looks, performs nor behaves like any of the other famous Bullyson lines. The reality is that Mr Maurice Carver never really knew how all of the pups he bred were bred, as he usually kept puppies from various litters together in the same pen. When Honeybunch arrived in Georgia at the yard of her new owner, she came with no written pedigree. The plywood crate she was shipped in, stated “Bullyson x Amber”, however her crate was old and had been used numerous times and therefore the inscription could have been in reference to a completely different dog. It’s claimed that Bullyson was dead by the time Carver’s Amber was supposedly bred to him and there is also no known litter brothers or sisters to Honeybunch. Mr Tommy Shire the owner of the dam (Carver’s Amber) and great dam (Shire’s Beauty Tee) of Honeybunch alleged that the true sire of Honeybunch was Carver’s Iron Head, he even insisted he was present during the breeding between Iron Head and Amber. Mr Shire also stated that the true sire of Davis Gr Ch Boomerange was Iron head and the typical Buckskin coat, black mask and black hairs peppered around the neck and ears is also typical of the Honeybunch line. The last interesting point is the fact that Mr Maurice Carver had a funeral monument built for Iron head after he passed away, which is considered odd by many dogmen, as Iron Head was a dog that did not appear frequently in the dogs that Mr Carver was winning with. To finish, Mr Carver stated on many occasions that he would sell a man a good dog but not the recipe. It may all just be rumours and gossip but it’s some food for thought… What ever the true breeding behind Honeybunch there is no denying the contribution that she has made to the breed.

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